Welcome to MealPlot

MealPlot is the phone and web app you can use alongside the EMPOWER weight loss program. Let’s get started!

Empower and MealPlot Feature...
  • Online, interactive video lectures
  • Personalized feedback
  • One-on-one weight loss counseling
  • Easy to understand nutrition information
Empower and MealPlot Aim to...
  • Increase the protein and fiber content of your diet to help YOU lose weight
  • Help YOU lose 20 pounds in your first year

MealPlot is the mobile application component of the EMPOWER Weight Loss Program. EMPOWER is a holistic, virtual program designed to help YOU achieve weight losses of at least 20 pounds in one year.

EMPOWER primarily focuses on a high protein and fiber diet but also incorporates advice from social work and medical professionals. MealPlot supplements EMPOWER giving you accurate nutrition information and feedback at your fingertips.

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Need Assistance?

For mobile app help, see the MealPlot tutorial video.

For weight management assistance, email EMPOWER at fshn-empower@illinois.edu

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EMPOWER Weight Loss Program: https://publish.illinois.edu/empower-uiuc/

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